• Een leuk stuk in de gratis Amigoe Express

    Landhuis Hato is getting a new chapter in Curaçao history. Roelof Visscher, his sister Hermien, and Hermien’s husband Marc, have taken the task of putting the island’s little-known- and seldom visited- landmark back on the map.
    The interviewer; Guillie Castillo says: A couple of months ago I interviewed Roelof and Hermien Visscher, the owners of Curacao Winery, about their project to grow and produce wine here in Curacao… An ambitious project, yes, and I wanted to know more about it. I’ve tried to grow things in my own garden, so I’m aware of the difficulties. I thought I was, anyway. Roelof and Hermien gave me some powerful paradigm-shifting information. I will never look at Curaçao soil the same way again. The article is published today in the Amigoe Express; visit the Amigoe page for info on where to get a (free) copy.